Administration & Board


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Alan D. Valentine, President and CEO
Tonya McBride Robles, COO
Marye Walker Lewis, CPA, CFO
Heather Romero, Senior Executive Assistant
to the President & CEO/Board Liaison

Artistic Administration

Laurence Tucker, Interim Artistic Administrator
Angelica Franzino, Director of Artistic Administration

Evann Brantley, Manager of Artistic Administration
Deidre McCord, Assistant Manager of Artistic Administration
Renee Ann Pflughaupt, Principal Librarian
Maggie Thompson, Acting Librarian
Abby Sams, Chorus Coordinator & Librarian
Andrew Risinger, Organ Curator


Jonathan Norris, Chief Development Officer
Jacob Campos, Corporate Engagement Manager
Jacob Tudor, Patron Engagement & Crescendo Club Manager
Kimberly DePue, Patron Engagement & Governing Members Manager
Molly Smith, Patron Engagement Manager

Judith Wall, Patron Engagement Officer
Ben Barnwell, Patron Engagement Associate
Jesse Strauss, Grants Manager
Sarah Tomkinson, Manager of Volunteer Services

Katie Curry, Director of Events & Stewardship
Rebecca Lear, Event Assistant
Tara Shirer, Director of Development Operations
Sheila Wilson, Senior Database Associate

Education & Community Engagement

Kimberly Kraft McLemore, Vice President of Education & Community Engagement
Kelley Bell, Education & Community Engagement Program Manager
Phillip Ducreay, Education & Community Engagement Program Manager
Ross Bader, Education & Community Engagement Assistant


Karen Warren, Controller
Sheri Switzer, Senior Accountant
Bobby Saintsing,
Payroll & Accounts Payable Manager

Food, Beverage, and Events

Johnathon McGee, Senior Event Sales Manager
Charlie Bice, Event Manager
Brent Martin, Event Supervisor 

Human Resources & Inclusion

Geraldine Jackson, Vice President of Human Resources & Inclusion


Trenton Leach, Director of IT
Desirée Dyer, Systems Administrator

Marketing & Communications
Dan Grossman, Vice President of Marketing & Sales
Dan Althoff, Director of Patron Services & Ticketing

Gena Staib, Patron Services & Sales Manager
Nathan Stone, Ticketing Operations Manager
Luke Henry, Ticketing & Customer Team Specialist
Kyle Hughes, Ticketing & Customer Team Specialist
Garrett Seeds, Ticketing & Customer Team Specialist
Elizabeth Singer, Ticketing & Customer Team Specialist
Heather Cramsie, Director of Marketing
Steven Gadzinski, Marketing Analyst
Sean Shields, Art Director
Brianna Owens, Digital Content Coordinator

Alina Van Oostrom, Communications Specialist

Production & Orchestra Operations

Sonja Thoms, Vice President & General Manager of Operations
Joey Demko, Orchestra Personnel Manager
David Lesser, Assistant Orchestra Personnel Manager

Trey Franklin, Senior Lighting Director
Cameron Martin, Assistant Lighting Director
Josh Walliser, Director of Productions
Sean Goldman, Orchestra Production Manager
Zach Bobbitt,  Assistant Manager of Orchestra Production

Trevor Wilkinson, Recording Engineer & Assistant Production Manager
Larry Bryan, Assistant Production Manager & Audio Engineer
Cameron Lambert, Audio Engineer
Katy Odenbaugh, Operations Assistant 

Venue Management

Eric Swartz, Vice President of Venue Management
John Sanders, Chief Technical Engineer
Kenneth Dillehay, Chief Engineer
Gregory Weiss, Facility Maintenance Technician
Tony Meyers, Director of Security & Front of House
Wade Johnson, Housekeeping Manager

Board of Directors

Pamela Carter, Board Chair
Mary Cavarra, Board Chair-Elect

Teresa Sebastian, Treasurer
Hank Ingram, Secretary
Alan D. Valentine, President & CEO


Kaitlyn Anderson +
Grace Awh
Dr. Lorenzo F. Candelaria
Starling Davis Clark
Michelle Collins
Eric Cook
Kevin Crumbo
Carol Daniels
Manuel Delgado
Nick Deidiker
Travis Dunn
Rodney Essig
Christopher Farrell
Ben Folds
Andrew Giacobone
Anthony Giarratana
Gerald Greer
Andrew Hard
Michael W. Hayes
Emily Humphreys
Henry Ingram
Martha R. Ingram
Vanessa Jackson 
William Jay Jones
Winston Justice

Laura Kimbrell
George R. Lee, III
Sandra Lipman
Mark Lopez
Cynthia Matthews 

Victoria McCluggage
Richard L. Miller
Rhonda Mulroy 
Phylanice Nashe
Anne Neff
Victoria Pao
Jeremie Papin
Mark Peacock
Brantley Phillips, Jr. 
Joel Reist
Dr. Janice Riley-Burt
Jeanie Rittenberry
Laura Ross
Dr. Kenneth Sands
Dr. E. Kelly Sanford
Antoine Savage
Carolyn S. Wenzel
Teresa Sebastian
Michael Sposato
Karl Sprules
Jacqueline Thomas
Mark Tillinger
James Todd
Peri Widener
Gail Williams
Betsy Wills
Shirley Zeitlin

+ Indicates Young Leaders Intern

Associate Board of Directors


Andrew Hard, Chair
Samantha Breske, Past Chair
Hank Ingram, Chair Emeritus
Victor Evans, Membership Chair
Catherine Grace, Spirits of Summer Chair


Amanda Kane
Amos Glass
Catherine Grace
Courtney Orr
Devin Mueller
Everly Suhayda
Gage Baxter
Jason Palmer
Jonathan McNabb
Lenai Augustine
Liz Hogan
Mary Elizabeth Mazziotti
Max Davis
Morgan Karr
Nicholas Deidiker
Ryan Lipscomb