Portrait of Eric Swartz

Eric Swartz
Vice President of Venue Management

Eric Swartz joined the Nashville Symphony as the Associate Vice President for Venue Management for the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in November 2005. Eric and his team will be responsible for engineering, maintenance, security and technical operations.

Eric is no stranger to facility management. He grew up in the field of professional baseball working for his father managing a stadium and spring training facility in Florida. Most recently, Eric served 19 years at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) working up the ranks to Vice President & General Manager. During his tenure Eric has had the title of Audio Engineer, Technical Director, Production Manager and Director of Operations. He has managed or coordinated the technical aspects for theatrical productions, television/film, festivals and fundraisers. After his TPAC tenure, Eric returned to the production industry providing video and production services to corporate clients including specialized video taping of surgeries.

Eric graduated from David Lipscomb University with a degree in communications and theatre and is a member of the International Association of Assembly Managers (IAAM).