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Frequently Asked Questions

Concert Arrival

When should I arrive?
We suggest that you plan to arrive no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled start time to ensure that you have enough time to find your seat.

Do I need a ticket for entry?
Before entering the building, you will need a ticket for all concerts at Schermerhorn Symphony Center. Find out more about mobile ticketing here.

May I bring a personal bag into the building? 
You may, but all purses and bags are subject to search upon entry, and you may be asked to check your bag prior to the concert.

What if I'm late to a concert? 
For classical concerts, late seating is determined by the conductor of the evening's performance. For other concerts, late seating is determined by the artist and varies with each performance. Due to the variability of our late seating policy, we strongly advise that you allow sufficient time for travel and parking – you can use apps like Waze and Google Maps to check traffic conditions ahead of time. 

How long is a Nashville Symphony concert?
Performance length varies depending on the repertoire and the featured performer(s).

A typical performance will run approximately two hours with one 20-minute intermission, but note that performances this fall may be shorter without an intermission.

What should I do if I lost my ticket?
Don't worry! Your tickets are always accessible in your Nashville Symphony online account. Click here to view your upcoming concerts and tickets now.

Need assistance? Call 615.687.6400, email us, or schedule an appointment to visit our box office in person.

Concert Etiquette

What should I wear?
There is no dress code. Anything that makes you feel comfortable is fine. Most people wear business clothes or dressy casual clothes, but you’ll see everything from jeans to khakis to cocktail dresses. In the interest of other patrons, please be considerate of those in the audience who may have allergies and refrain from wearing scented products such as cologne or perfume.

When is it appropriate to applaud at a classical concert?
Audiences tend to wait until all movements or sections of a piece are completed before clapping. In some pieces of music, the orchestra will pause briefly for about 10-15 seconds between movements. The audience holds their applause during the short breaks in music, until the end of the entire piece. The conductor will signal when a piece is finished by putting his or her arms down and turning to the audience. You can check your program before or during the performance so you'll know how many movements to expect.

May I bring my children?
Children may attend any Nashville Symphony concert as long as they have a ticket – we do not allow babies or toddlers without a paid ticket (no lap seats available). Symphony staff will ask parents to take disruptive children out of the concert hall. For families with young children, we recommend the Nashville Symphony’s Family Series, which was created especially for audience members ages 3-9.

Parents who are breastfeeding and would like to do so in a private location should ask an usher for the best location to feed their child.

Can I take pictures? 
Photography, video and audio recording are prohibited in the concert hall or in any other space where a performance or rehearsal is taking place. Cameras may only be used with prior approval by the artist and the Nashville Symphony's Communications office, and photographers must be positioned in pre-approved locations within the venue.

More Helpful Info

Do you give tours of the building? 
Tours are available for large groups attending a concert and for donors to the Nashville Symphony's Annual Fund. Click here to learn more. 

What are your food and drink options?
The Schermerhorn Café and bars are open and ready to serve you before and during your performance. If you would like to enjoy a meal prior to or after the performance, click here to view a list of nearby restaurants.

Please note that outside food and beverages are not permitted in Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

Where are the restrooms located?
Restrooms are available in the lounge located one floor below the Main Lobby; on the east and west sides of the Founders and Balcony level; and outside the Mike Curb Music Education Hall on the Founders level. All restrooms are equipped for guests with disabilities. Several family restrooms are also located on the lower level for guests needing special assistance.

Coat Check
Guests may check their coats at one of several complimentary coat-check locations on each seating level. The most convenient is in the lounge located one floor below the Main Lobby.

Do you have a lost and found?
Please check with the House Manager's office for any items that may have been left in the building. The phone number is 615.687.6450.

How do I reach a member of your staff? 
Click here to visit our contact page.

Emergency Messages
Guests expecting urgent calls may leave their name and exact seat information (seating level, door number, row, and seat number) with any usher. Anyone needing to reach guests during an event may call the Security Desk at 615.687.6610.

Restricted and Controlled Items

Restricted items

  • Audio recording devices
  • Video cameras
  • Laptops/tablets
  • Laser pointers
  • Monopods & tripods
  • Open flame
  • Backpacks & oversized bags
  • Outside food & beverage
  • Weapons of any kind

Cameras with a detachable lens must by approved by the artist and the Nashville Symphony's Communications office. Please note that photography is not allowed in your seat and must take place in pre-approved locations within the venue.

All purses and bags are subject to search by Schermerhorn Symphony Center staff.


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