Educational resources to use AT HOME

Stuck at home during social distancing and need resources to conduct lessons with your children at home? Here are some good, interactive activities for you and your family. We'll continue to add to this page as the weeks go on.

Click here to download and print a Build-Your-Own Music Class Schedule as a visual guide for your student as you use these home resources! 

Making Music with Enrico

Principal Pops Conductor Enrico Lopez-Yañez shows you how to make instruments at home with materials you can find in your pantry.

Lesson Plans

Learn about instrument groups including flash cards, visuals, listening links and instructions on making instruments

Make Your Own Drum

Use easily found materials at home to create your very own percussion instrument

The Percussion Family

Learn about the various percussion instruments of the orchestra

Make Your Own Pan Flute

Use materials at home to make a pan flute

Click here to learn about the history of the instrument.

Meet the Woodwind Family

A full lesson plan on learning about different instruments in the woodwind family, questions you can ask your children about them, flash cards, a listening assignment featuring Ravel, Tchaikovsky and Gershwin PLUS how to make your own oboe at home!

Target: Grades K-5

Meet the String Family

A full lesson plan on learning about different instruments in the string family, questions you can ask your children about them, flash cards, a Beethoven listening assignment AND how to make your own banjo at home!

Target: Grades K-5

Composing a Movement: Women in Classical Music

Lesson plans, video introductions and music streaming

Target: Grades 5-12

Additional Interactive Resources

Quaver's Marvelous World of Music is a virtual world full of games and activities designed to teach students musical concepts such as composition, history, music theory and more.

Making Music Fun! offers free lesson plans and music education activities as well as copious information that is easy for kids to comprehend.

Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids offers educational games that teach and quiz students’ understanding of musical concepts and composer information, and it provides activities that are fun for everyone!

Classics for Kids offers plentiful information on instruments, composers and their pieces, as well as educational games that help young people develop a better understanding of composing and reading music.

San Francisco Kids offers a variety of games and activities that cover conducting, composing, performing, listening and more. The site also provides a large amount of information that kids can easily comprehend.

New York Philharmonic Kids is very interactive and offers a variety of games, in-depth information on each instrument and hands-on activities that are great for any age!