photo of Gil Reigers


Gil Reigers

Anyone who’s seen a Johnny Mathis concert has seen Gil. Gil is the multi-faceted guy who plays guitar, sings and is Johnny’s Production Manager.

Here I am.” Gil had been playing guitar for Johnny for a couple of years when, “One night we were out on a trip with a new conductor and someone in the audience yelled out, ‘Twelfth of Never’. It was an easy song. I knew it in Johnny’s key. So, I just started playing it and have been ever since.” A few years later, Gil began taking on production/stage managing and is now Johnny’s Production Manager. He says that he, “really enjoys working with agents, contracts and buyers. It’s very satisfying to see something start as a phone call or memo and turn into one of Johnny’s performances with all of the people that are involved and will attend.”

Gil has been working with Johnny for an amazing 50 years as of June 2020! While he no longer tours on the road, Gil is still thoroughly involved with Johnny & his team in all other aspects of Johnny’s concert tours & Jon Mat Records.