Call for Student Compositions 

Do you want to hear your composition played on the Schermerhorn Symphony Center stage? The Nashville Symphony is seeking student submissions for an upcoming Young People's Concert about composition. A winning melody will be selected and orchestrated for the Nashville Symphony to perform! Compose your melody per the instructions below! 



  • Submissions should be from students in grades 5-12. 
  • Deadline to submit your melody is Friday, October 29th at 5:00pm. 
  • Melodies should be 8 to 16 measures in length. 
  • Melodies should stay within one octave above middle C (C4 to C5). 
  • The meter or time signature should be 4/4 or common time. 
  • The melody should be singable and not use rhythms shorter than an eighth note. 


Writing Your Melody

  • Student melodies may be hand-written on staff paper or composed using software like NoteFlight, Smart Music, Finale, etc. 
  • Remember to keep things simple! Sometimes the most memorable melodies are also the simplest melodies. 
  • Silence is also music! Don't forget about the corresponding rests to each rhythmic value. 
  • The title says a lot! Remember to give your melody a title. This will give us a lot of information when orchestrating the melody. 


How to submit your melody

  • Submissions are now closed.





Please e-mail if you have any questions.