In fall 2022, the Symphony will premier its first Music in My Neighborhood series, bringing free ensemble performances, educational programs, and unique collaborations to a neighborhood in Nashville. Activities include ensembles and sectionals in schools; after school clinics in Community centers and local nonprofits; Chamber music performances with Nashville Symphony Musicians; a full orchestra performance, and an end-of-week celebration with food, performances, artwork, and interactive activities highlighting Edgehill’s unique arts and culture scene. The Symphony strives to serve the city of Nashville by working
with the community to make music for the community.

This year, the Symphony’s Music in My Neighborhood program will take place in Edgehill, where the Symphony will partner with local organizations to highlight Edgehill’s history, culture, and residents. Long before Nashville’s rise to fame as Music City, its historic and cultural roots started in and around the Edgehill neighborhood. We encourage you to learn more about Edgehill’s history through the visual slides and document linked below!

Land Acknowledgment

We acknowledge that (the Edgehill neighborhood in) Greater Nashville was originally home to the Yuchi people, the Shawnee people, and the Eastern Cherokee people, who lived on this land for thousands of years and countless generations before they were forcibly moved by colonization and the government. We would like to emphasize that despite this history, there are still members of these communities that live in Nashville today. The legacy of the enslaved individuals who helped build the city and neighborhood we know today is also not forgotten. We recognize their strength and resilience through colonialism, white supremacy, and detrimental policies. To directly make an impact, we recommend that you donate to the Native American Indian Association of Tennessee at