Ticketholder FAQ

Important Dates & Information 

May 19, 2021: Season tickets available for purchase. Season ticket holders may also purchase additional tickets at this time.
June 18, 2021: Season ticket renewal deadline (you must request seat changes before this date)
July 6, 2021: Season ticket exchange window opens
July 14, 2021: Compose-Your-Own packages available for purchase
July 30, 2021: Single tickets available for purchase

Our Ticketing & Customer Team is Here to Help:
Phone: 615.687.6400
Hours: 10 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday.

We are not holding in-person box office hours at this time, but if you’d like in-person service, click here to schedule an appointment. Please let us know your preferred time and date, and how we best can serve you.

Are you trying to reach someone else at the Nashville Symphony? Click here for a full list of contacts.

Attention, Season Ticket Holders
If you chose to keep your 2020/21 season tickets, you will automatically be renewed, and no further action is required. If you would like to request a seat upgrade, please email us with your request.

If you chose to donate your season tickets, if you placed the value of your season tickets on your account, or if you have a balance due on your season tickets, you may renew online at NashvilleSymphony.org/renew or call 615.687.6400. Please renew by June 18, 2021, to keep your same seatsIf you would like to request a seat upgrade, you will be able to do so online or over the phone during the renewal process.

PLEASE NOTE: Seating locations within season ticket packages may be subject to change due to social distancing and varying production needs. We will notify affected ticket holders if and when this occurs.

I purchased season tickets for 2020/21 – what is happening to my seats?
We have held on to your seats!

This applies to ALL 2020/21 season ticket holders, regardless of whether you:

  • Fully or partially paid for your tickets
  • Donated the value of your ticket purchase
  • Placed the value of your ticket purchase on account
  • Chose to hold on your 2020/21 season tickets

If you have already renewed or kept your season ticket packages intact from our postponed season, please click here to view your concerts.

PLEASE NOTE: Seating locations within season ticket packages may be subject to change due to social distancing and varying production needs. We will notify affected ticket holders if and when this occurs.

I donated my 2020/21 season tickets, and I would like season tickets for 2021/22. What do I do? 
First and foremost, thank you for your generosity! Your ticket donation played a critical role in helping your Nashville Symphony navigate through the pandemic so that we could reemerge for the 2021/22 season.

If you would like to be a part of our 2021/22 75th anniversary season, you will need to repurchase your season ticket package. As noted above, we have held your seats, but you will need to pay the full amount for these tickets.

How can I upgrade my seats for the 2021/22 season?
We are glad to receive your upgrade request, and we will work to accommodate all requests as we are able. If you have held on to your season tickets, you will automatically be renewed into your old seats. Please click here to send a note to our Ticketing & Customer Team about your upgrade request.

If you donated your 2020/21 season tickets or placed the value on your account, you will be able to request a seat upgrade when you renew online or over the phone.

We will process all upgrade requests in June, and we will send your final seat confirmation at the end of June.

I have money on account. May I use this for my 2021/22 season tickets?
Absolutely! Any money currently on your Nashville Symphony account is good toward any purchase made through July 31, 2022, regardless of when the performance takes place. Any money remaining on your account on July 31, 2022, will be turned into a donation at that time.

I have a complimentary ticket voucher. May I use this for an upcoming concert?
At this time, we are only processing season ticket orders and cannot process any complimentary ticket vouchers. We will review complimentary ticket voucher requests after single tickets go on sale on July 30, 2021. Please stand by for updates, and please note that we may not be able to process all complimentary ticket vouchers. 

I have tickets to a postponed concert, and I don’t see a newly rescheduled date yet. 
Thank you for your patience! Please click here to confirm that your concert is still on our list of postponed events. We are still working to reschedule these concerts and will be in touch with more details as soon as new dates are confirmed. 

When may I purchase a Compose-Your-Own (CYO) ticket package?
We will be offering CYO packages for the 2021/22 season starting on July 14, 2021. If you’re a current CYO season ticket holder, click here to view new dates for any concerts in your ticket package.

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