Monday, June 06, 2022

06:30 PM | Schermerhorn Symphony Center



06:30 PM
Schermerhorn Symphony Center

Tuesday, June 07, 2022

06:30 PM | Schermerhorn Symphony Center



06:30 PM
Schermerhorn Symphony Center


The student artists of the Nashville Symphony's Accelerando program present their spring 2022 recital in conjunction with pianist, Megan Gale.

June 6 Performers Include:
Angel Elbano
Gabriel Bullock
Mariana Campos
Nevaeh Bass
Luka Hernandez
Lincoln Schaaf
Alexander Vinson
Aarushi Kumar
Jake Sanchez

June 7 Performers Include:
Edward Owens
Orlandis Maise
Alliese Bonner
Miles Woods
Dayla Spencer
Antonio Thai
Xayvion Davidson
Icsis Church
Yassin Adams

The Nashville Symphony's Accelerando initiative is an intensive music education program designed to prepare gifted young students of diverse ethnic backgrounds for pursuing music at the collegiate level and beyond. Accelerando seeks to create professional opportunities for musicians from ethnic communities underrepresented in today's orchestras by providing them with instruction, mentorship, performance experiences and assistance with applying to music schools. With access to the resources of a major American orchestra, these students will be able to realize their full potential and will form the next generation of orchestra musicians.

This is a FREE community event, however, tickets are required.


Thank You to Our Accelerando Recital Partners