Important Update

Live Concerts Are on the Way:
In early-to-mid May 2021, we'll announce the Nashville Symphony’s upcoming concert season, including many rescheduled concerts from our postponed 2020/21 season and some fresh new concert formats, too. Stay tuned for this comprehensive reveal, which will include our updated concert calendar, venue safety plan and flexible ticket options for you, our most loyal customers.

Attention Current Ticket Holders: We appreciate your patience as we continue to work out all of the details for our big announcement and we’ll be sure to follow up with all ticketholders on all of the details regarding your concerts, packages and tickets. In the meantime, if you have any questions, click here to fill out our information request form. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. 

CLICK HERE to view a complete list of postponed concerts.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the Nashville Symphony and Schermerhorn Symphony Center be closed?
Our current plan calls for reopening in September with our 21/22 Concert Season. We will continue to reassess this as the reopening date as new information becomes available and if we can safely reopen before September at a limited capacity, we will explore those options as well.

What is happening to all of the concerts you had scheduled for the next year?
We are making our best effort to reschedule all concerts through July 2021. We are working to move the Nashville Symphony’s entire 2020/21 season to the 2021/22 season. We appreciate your patience, as this process may require some time for us to complete.

I have tickets to one or more concerts that are being rescheduled. What should I do?
On July 15, 2020, the Nashville Symphony contacted all ticket holders via email and postal mail to inform them of their options for their concert tickets. Our ticket option window has since closed, as of August 31, 2020. If you purchased directly from the Nashville Symphony and have not received any communication from us, please email us at with any questions you may have. If you purchased from Ticketmaster or a seller other than the Nashville Symphony, please contact the company you purchased your tickets from.

Season Ticket Holders:

  • If you have opted to keep your 20/21 season tickets, thank you. We are holding your seats and benefits for the 21/22 seasonWe will provide more information about individual show dates within season ticket packages, priority exchanges and additional ticket purchases after we announce the rescheduled season. Thank you for your loyalty and patience.
  • If you have opted to donate your 20/21 season tickets, thank you. We are holding your seats for you to purchase when we launch our rescheduled 21/22 season. We will notify you of the opportunity to purchase 21/22 season tickets and will provide more information about individual concert dates, priority exchanges and additional ticket purchases after we announce the rescheduled season. Thank you for your loyalty and patience. 

I have a Ticket Credit for the value of unused tickets on my Nashville Symphony account. What happens to that money?
We have extended the amount of time you have to apply your Ticket Credit on your Nashville Symphony account. This value can now be applied toward future ticket purchases through July 31, 2022, and you may apply this value toward any season ticket, single ticket or group ticket purchases.

More information for customers with tickets: Our window for accepting refund requests closed on August 31, 2020. We have attempted to contact our ticket holders multiple times since July 15, and we are now unable to accept any more refund requests. If you have tickets, they are valid for the rescheduled date, or the ticket value can be moved to your Nashville Symphony account as a credit that can be used toward any ticket purchases made through July 31,2022. Please contact us at with further questions.

What is happening to your musicians and staff?
A total of 79 musicians and 49 full-time staff, including our conductors, were furloughed on July 1, 2020. This was an extremely difficult decision, but we were forced to take this action, along with the rescheduling of the entire concert season, to ensure that the Nashville Symphony can manage its limited resources and reemerge intact from the COVID-19 pandemic and remain sustainable for the long-term.

As a first step toward bringing our employees back to work, effective January 3, our musicians will begin receiving a $500 weekly stipend, for which they will commit to participating in community performances and other activities to be determined in collaboration with the orchestra’s administrative staff. The Nashville Symphony will also continue to provide all musicians and staff with health insurance benefits through July 31, 2021. 

For more information, please click here.

Will you continue to share virtual performances and activities on your website and social media platforms? 
We are in the planning stages for how we will work with our musicians for the duration of this concert season. Beginning in January, we hope to start sharing new content on social media, with the goal of being able to present virtual and, eventually, live performances during the first half of 2021. 

Will you be continuing any education programs?
As with concerts, all in-person programming is suspended until we are able to resume public activity. We are currently working on providing virtual music education resources for the community while we are unable to offer our in-person programming. Check for updates.

Will you be holding your annual fundraising events, like Symphony Ball and Symphony Fashion Show?
We are thrilled to say that our Symphony Ball was telecasted on WSMV-News 4 at 7 pm Saturday, December 12. Please click here for more information.

We are currently planning our Symphony Fashion Show for spring 2021 and will be announcing more details soon.

Proceeds from both events will go directly toward supporting the Nashville Symphony’s reemergence from this crisis. If you would like more information, please contact our Development Office at or 615.687.6494.

Is it possible to rent Schermerhorn Symphony Center for a private event?
At this time, we are not accepting rental inquiries. Please check for updates.

What can I do to help the Nashville Symphony right now?
We need our community’s support now more than ever. Please consider making a donation by visiting or calling 615.687.6494. Every gift we receive will help the Nashville Symphony reemerge from this shutdown. Your generosity will enable us to re-envision what the Symphony can be for Nashville, so that, upon reemerging, we can serve this remarkable community better than ever before.

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