Hari Bernstein

Hometown: New York, New York
Member of the Nashville Symphony since 2011

What do you like about performing with the Nashville Symphony?
The diverse crowd at our concerts is the most interesting aspect for me, and I’m always looking out for interesting characters in the front rows of the hall. I am finding that in Nashville, there’s a such a culture for live music of any kind. And when I tell people I play with the Symphony, they think I’m a rock star! I’m thrilled to find myself in such a positive city, where people are so proud of the product we have to offer.

How do you like living in Nashville?
I love that there is so much to be discovered in this town. When I first got here, I made a point of “adventuring” on a regular basis. In Nashville, finding fun is easy — the hard part is choosing one Groupon over another.

What’s your earliest musical memory?
I was pretending to play the violin with two sticks I had found in Central Park. My mom took it as a sign that she should sign me up for lessons.

When you’re not rehearsing or performing, what do you enjoy listening to?
My taste is eclectic: Lily Allen, Luiz Bonza and Sofia Vembo, a singer from the ’40s who became a symbol of the Greek resistance movement against the Italians and later the Germans.

If you weren’t an orchestra musician, what would you be doing?
When I was little, I always wanted to be a marine biologist.